Tuesday, January 13, 2009

59,000-gallon Chevron crude leak in Utah was from three-inch line

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - Chevron Pipe Line Co. crews were working on Jan. 9 to clean up about 59,000 gallons of crude oil that leaked from a ruptured pipeline south of Vernal on Jan 7-8.
A Chevron official said a three-inch feeder pipeline ruptured near Bonanza, 30 miles south of Vernal, allowing about 1,400 barrels of crude to leak onto the frozen ground, which is BLM land.
The event may have been related to the cold temperatures in the Uinta Basin.
Cold air jells the oil and keeps it from flowing far, said Houston-based Chevron spokesman Mickey Driver. "It's not free-flowing, so it's not going anywhere."
The three-inch line - which connects to the major pipeline that travels from the Uinta Basin to Chevron's Salt Lake City refinery - was shut down when the leak was detected early Jan. 8.

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