Friday, April 24, 2009

Marathon reduces rates at Kentucky refinery following pipeline accident

CATLETTSBERG, Ky. - Marathon Oil Corp. on April 21 announced that it reduced rates at its 226,000 b/d Catlettsberg refinery, after a leak was discovered on a crude oil pipeline that feeds the refinery.
Marathon was notified on the afternoon of April 17 of a potential leak on a 24-inch crude oil pipeline in Clark County, Ky.
Investigators on April 21 were trying to determine the cause of the minor leak in
the pipeline in the Muddy Creek area of Clark County, Ky.
"On (April 17) afternoon, we were notified of a potential release near our 24-inch pipeline. We immediately responded to the scene and a crude oil sheen… was observed in an unnamed ditch in Four Mile Creek," said Chris Fox, Marathon communications manager. "Our response team and contractors were mobilized, and were on the scene that day putting (out) absorbent boom, along with absorbent pads, that soak up whatever oil might be floating on top of the water. We have about 100 employees and contractors at the scene. They contained the sheen and continue to monitor for environmental issues that could be associated."
The pipeline involved runs from Owensboro to Catlettsburg, Ky.
"On (April 20), the pipeline was restarted and we are closely monitoring the site to determine the origin of the leak,” Fox said. “It's a very minor seep, which makes it actually more difficult to identify the source. We will continue to investigate until we determine the cause. We've been working closely with local emergency responders. We've been keeping them abreast of the situation. We do not see any cause for concern."

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