Friday, May 29, 2009

Spectra Energy plans Salmon River pipeline crossing

VANCOUVER, B.C. - In the footsteps of investments by the British Columbian government, Encana Corp. and TransCanada Corp., Spectra Energy Corp, a U.S. gas infrastructure company, has announced plans to start a pipeline crossing project at the Salmon River in British Columbia.
Discussions with the B.C. Ministry of Environment and Fisheries and Oceans are still ongoing, according to Spectra’s manager of community and aboriginal relations, as the company deals with concerns expressed by various groups.
The project plan is to start construction in the third week of June. Construction of the river bore is expected to take about six months to complete. Spectra will drill a “pilot hole” to a depth of approximately 20 meters under the Salmon River, and then pull the pipeline through that pilot hole after it is enlarged.
Spectra is the third largest natural gas pipeline company in North America. It is expanding its gathering and processing capacity to accommodate gas from the Horn River shale, and adding storage caverns along the U.S. Gulf Coast.
Between 2009 to 2012, Spectra plans a number of expansion projects to increase gathering and processing capacity in Fort Nelson, B.C., in order to accommodate gas from the Horn River basin. The company reports firm “take or pay” initial commitments from eight customers totaling 750 mmcf/day.

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