Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Energy Pipeline News resumes publication; editor recovers from surgery

ATLANTA, Ga. - Energy Pipeline News resumed publication on July 21, following a two-week summer vacation hiatus in which editor Noel Griese underwent quintuple bypass open heart surgery.
Griese was diagnosed with five heart artery blockages in a routine thallium stress test and echocardiogram scheduled by his personal physician and cardiologist, Dr. Stuart Katz, on June 29. On July 2, Dr. Victor Corrigan refined the diagnosis by performing a catheterization at the Fuqua Heart Center at Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital. Blockages of up to 80 percent in five heart arteries were discovered. Surgery was performed at Piedmont on July 7 by a team of specialists headed by Dr. John P. Gott, who previously performed more than 9,000 successful open heart surgeries at Emory University Hospitals and the Fuqua Center at Piedmont.
“I was fortunate to have such a highly competent group of physicians and associates to look after me during the crisis,” Griese said. “I apologize if I’m a bit slow in resuming my editorial duties. I have additional health responsibilities to look after now, but give me 3-4 weeks, and I should be pretty much back to normal.”
Griese thanked those who extended get well wishes and prayers on his behalf. He said he plans to write an online account of his experiences for those who face similar diagnosis and are scheduled for similar surgeries.

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