Monday, November 9, 2009

Gas pipeline explosion in Texas injures three, melts window blinds

AMARILLO, Texas - A natural gas pipeline explosion shook the town of Bushland on Nov. 5. The ensuing fire was so intense that it launched flames hundreds of feet into the sky and melted the window blinds of nearby homes.
One nearby home was completely destroyed, while surrounding houses sustained damages.
A total of 60 people were evacuated to Bushland Middle School.
Witnesses reported seeing flames from their homes that reached hundreds of feet into the air. Even people as far as 20 miles away reported witnessing the fire from their homes.
Three people were injured in the blast, according to officials. The victims reportedly sustained burns and were transported to the Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo for treatment by doctors and nurses. Police officials have not released the identities of the victims. It has not been determined what caused the explosion.
El Paso Natural Gas and Atmos Energy crews are conducting an investigation.

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