Monday, January 11, 2010

Enbridge cleaning up 3,000-bbl. crude spill in North Dakota

PEMBINA COUNTY, N.D. - Enbridge Energy Partners LP shut down one leg of the main pipeline delivering Canadian crude to the United States after discovering a leak, but said it was rerouting supplies via other lines.
Enbridge said it had shut down Line 2b of the Enbridge Lakehead Pipeline System with a capacity of 440,000 b/d, equivalent to about a fourth of the total throughput on Lakehead.
The rupture was discovered late on Jan.8 in Pembina County, N.D.
Enbridge initially estimated the spill at about 3,000 barrels, or 126,000 gallons, of light crude oil. The accident was reported to federal and state regulatory authorities.
Enbridge said that water and wildlife had not been affected. The cause of the leak is under investigation, it said.
Line 2b runs from Cromer, Manitoba, to Superior, Wis. The segment of Line 2b between Cromer and Clearbrook, Minn. likely will remain out of service through Jan. 11, Enbridge said.

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