Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dominion Cove LNG pays state $175,000 for alleged water pollution

BALTIMORE - The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) on Jan. 28 announced an enforcement action against Dominion Cove Point LNG.
On Dec. 28, 2009, MDE finalized a Complaint and Administrative Consent
Order with Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP and Sheehan Pipeline Construction Co. to resolve alleged violations including:
 Unauthorized discharges (fracouts) including drilling returns to Jordan and Zakiah swamps.
 Discharges related to the General Discharge Permit associated with
Hydraulic Testing.
 Failure to update required records.
 Discharge of sediment pollution to St. Leonard's Creek and associated wetlands.
 Discharge of sediment pollution into the Patuxent River.
 Failure to comply with the erosion and sediment control plan requirements at the Cedar Point Lane site; and
 Violations of wetland regulations for causing unauthorized impacts to
Ketts Pond, Hunting Creek, and St. Leonard's Creek.
The alleged violations occurred between March 2007 and December 2008 in connection with the installation of a 36-inch pipeline in Calvert, Charles,
and Prince George's Counties.
In accordance with the Order, Dominion paid MDE a penalty of $175,000 on
Dec. 29, and will perform remedial work at Ketts Pond by June 28, 2010.

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