Monday, April 26, 2010

Crews cleaning up Bridger Valley spill in Wyoming

GREEN RIVER, Wyo. - Workers continue to clean up a pipeline break that spilled tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil earlier this month in
southwest Wyoming's Bridger Valley.
The oil spill occurred April 5 near Robertson in southwest Uinta County,
according to Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality officials. The
pipeline is owned by Bridger Lake LLC of Louisiana.
DEQ emergency response coordinator Joe Hunter estimated that about 2,000 barrels (84,000 gallons) of oil spilled onto the ground before workers
located and plugged the leak.
"Right after they found the leak, they shut the line in, and at that point no more (oil) goes into the line," Hunter said.
Hunter said the company reported the leak in a "timely manner" and that its cleanup response has been good.
"After the cleanup is done, we'll evaluate the causes and the cleanup actions and we'll go forward from there," he said.
Hunter said an oil fire broke out and burned for a short while on April 10 during cleanup work, pouring black smoke into the valley skyline.

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