Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blogger says 'Google doing evil' with disruptive new templates

According to an Atlanta blogger who has two sites with Google's "," Google "did evil," counter to its company policy, when it introduced new design templates a week or so ago.
"Hit counters on both blogs stopped working as soon as I changed to one of the new Google-designed templates," said Noel L. Griese, who operates the Energy Pipeline and Southern Review of blogs on
"What's worse, it's impossible to get a human response from Google," Griese said. "I've sent emails, with no response. I called the Google Atlanta number, which is not answered by humans, and could not leave a message because the company's phonemail box was full. I tried calling Google's headquarters in California, and after weaiting for more than half an hour to talk to a 'representaive,' I gave up."
"No question that there's something wrong at Google," Griese said. "I use Google Analytics for one of the blogs. That stopped working on June 15, simultaneously with my converting to one of the new Google-recommended templates. I use SiteMeter to track hits on the other blog. That also stopped working on June 15, simultaneously with my adoption of the new template on the other site."
Griese said it was particularly irksome that the counters stopped working on the Energy Pipeline News blog just as he posted a copy of a half-page op-ed piece on the Gulf oil spill that had appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "That posting contained some very important information about what happened in the Gulf, and it would have been nice to have some stats on who visited to read the piece online."
Griese asked that others experiencing similar difficulties with Google contact him at

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