Friday, August 13, 2010

Oklahoma woman accused of using Gulf oil spill to defraud investors

DUNCAN, Okla. - A Duncan woman has been accused of used investors' money for personal expenses, including gambling, a state agency claims in documents filed in Oklahoma County District Court.
The woman is accused of defrauding investors into buying unregistered stock in a company she falsely claims has contracts to clean up Gulf Coast oil spills, according to the Oklahoma Securities Department.
"We absolutely deny that any investor money was used for any gambling purposes,” counters Miller's attorney, Bob Wyatt. "It's being used for office and business expenses and the promotion of the business... routine office expenses.”
Miller, 49, as president and chief executive officer of MBS Inspection Corp. in Duncan, collected money from investors under the pretense the company had contracts to clean up oil spills and inspect pipelines, the Securities Department alleges.
"As far as it appears to me now, it looks like $200,000,” said Irving Faught, administrator of the Oklahoma Securities Department. "There's no way to know that until you get in and develop the facts in court.”
Miller promised 10 investors stock certificates and claimed the stock would be publicly traded in the future. Miller never delivered the stock certificates and instead used the money for personal expenses, such as gambling, Faught said.

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