Thursday, December 9, 2010

Technology developed for pigging of unpiggable natural gas pipelines

PARSIPPANY, N.J. and TORONTO, Canada - The RD & D arm of the Northeast Gas Association known as NYSEARCH and InvoDane Engineering Ltd. have announced the commercialization of a new technology that will help owners inspect unpiggable pipelines.

The first Pipetel platform is being released under license from NGA/NYSEARCH to InvoDane Engineering.

Starting Dec. 1, Pipetel Technologies Inc. will offer inspection services for small to medium pipe sizes using this platform.

Pipetel plans to offer in 2011 and beyond additional robotic platforms arising from this RD & D program that will allow for the inspection of larger diameter pipelines.

Using minimal excavation and under live conditions, this robotic technology can help operators address some pipelines that are unpiggable due to difficult obstructions such as bends, plug valves, vertical sections and other constraints, as well as pipelines with pressure levels below what is needed to propel traditional smart pig technologies. Further, the robotic platform travels long distances from one excavation and does not require a tether for power or communication. Accuracy of the integrated sensor is equivalent to current sensing provided with traditional in-line inspection tools.

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