Friday, July 22, 2011

BP tells ROW agents to stop saying federal government agencies require tree clearing

"Talking Points to Avoid" appearing in a current BP "Tree Cutting Talking Points" paper specify:


  • Homeland Security - Property Owners have not been receptive to this talking point and BP would not receive support from Homeland Security Department that tree cutting is their requirement.

  • DOT Requirement - The DOT has stated that they are not requiring the tree cutting and have told pipeline companies to stop informing property owners that tree clearing is being done at their request.

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  1. While it's true that roots can damage pipeline coatings, I'd like to see some statistics on how often that really happens. Plus, rocks and boulders in pipeline trenches and backfill, also damage coatings, yet are found when some pipelines are uncovered. As well as coatings that were not cooled, or set, before backfilling.

    The idea that a well clear ROW will make people notice there's a pipeline there failed in Darrouzett, Texas, in 2010. 2 dead there.

    And, one PHMSA Official that I asked told me that tree clearings on ROW's do not count as being part of an RP 1162 effort.