Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Florida Gov. Crist says opposed to Calypso pipeline off Fort Lauderdale

MIAMI, Fla. – Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announced at a town hall meeting in Fort Lauderdale on Feb. 18 that he opposes the proposed Calypso pipeline off the Fort Lauderdale coast, signaling the project's demise.
"If you think about one of these huge tankers being off the coast near many of my friends, so close by, how can you support that?'' the governor asked."So I don't support it"
When a woman in the audience asked Crist to put Calypso to bed, he said:"I think it's already in bed. It's gone."
Calypso is the deep-water natural gas port planned for the waters off their beach. Crist's biggest applause line, by far, came with his promise to kill the project.
Fort Lauderdale city officials and homeowners have been fighting the proposed offshore gas pipeline project for several months. Residents, who expressed safety concerns about the project, gave Crist a standing ovation after he announced his opposition, the first time Crist has publicly signaled his opinion about the pipeline.

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