Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What to do when co-workers hook up

Following - in honor of Valentine's Day - is an excerpt from My Managers Network newsletter, published by the Ragan Report in Chicago.

Office liaisons can lift hearts -- or just raise eyebrows
By Jessica Levco
There’s something brewing in your office. And it’s not coffee, though it could be sweet -- and steamy.
To honor Valentine’s Day, we’re examining the heart of the office romance and what it means to you and your company. A dalliance between two employees probably doesn’t start over a candlelit dinner, but with a lingering cubicle hello...
Falling in love again …
We searched high and low for the best tale of an office romance gone awry—and found one both places.
Noel Griese, who used to work for a company in Wisconsin, remembers when a male supervisor and a female co-worker were having an affair. One day during lunch, the two skipped sandwiches and went straight to the attic loft above the lunchroom to continue their tryst. Suddenly, in the middle of a crowded lunchroom, the ceiling caved in and the two crashed through – entwined in a state of heightened intimacy.
“Both were slightly injured, but not enough to require hospitalization,” Griese said.
The worst part? Not only did all their co-workers know about it, but so did everybody else in the rural Wisconsin town. Now, that’s a personnel issue.

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