Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pipeline rupture shuts Williams gas processing plant in Colorado

IGNACIO, Colo. - The rupture of a natural gas pipeline on June 3
prompted company officials to shut down Williams' natural gas processing plant in Ignacio, Colo.
One of the on-site underground pipelines that feeds the raw natural gas into the plant burst during the night.
No injuries were reported and assistance from emergency responders was not needed.
"Obviously the gas escape could be an issue if it finds an ignition source and works its way back to the plant and surrounding properties,"
said Tom Aurnhammer, deputy chief of Los PiƱos Fire District.
If an incident is severe, La Plata County dispatch can issue a reverse 911 call, which calls all phone numbers within a given perimeter to issue evacuation information, he said.
Williams' Ignacio Plant is a natural gas processing plant. It processes the raw natural gas into its component parts: butane, propane or methane gas.
It is too early to tell how long the plant will be closed while repairs
are completed. The natural gas will be rerouted to other Williams' facilities in the
San Juan Basin for processing, according to company officials.

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