Thursday, June 11, 2009

Range blames vandal for causing Marcellus leak in Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. - State environmental regulators in Pennsylvania are continuing to investigate a pipeline leak of wastewater into a stream from a natural gas well drilled by Range Resources Corp. of Fort Worth in the
southwestern part of the state.
Salamanders, crayfish, insects and at least one fish were killed in the
May 26 spill, The Associated Press reported.
Range said on June 5 that it believes a vandal loosened bolts on the pipe,
with the wastewater leaking into a farm's drainage ditch, which led
to a tributary of Cross Creek Lake in Washington County.
Bolts securing a pipeline coupling could not have loosened by themselves
after the pipe already had passed a pressure test and inspection, Range
spokesman Matt Pitzarella said. The leak was quickly stopped, he added.

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