Friday, October 29, 2010

Deaths in Myanmar oil pipeline accident rise

Up to 100 people are now thought to have died from injuries sustained when a leaking oil pipeline was set ablaze in Burma’s central Magwe division last week.

Fourteen people were reported killed in the immediate aftermath of the incident close to Nyaung Hla village. A local in the Myit Chay village-tract where Nyaung Hla is located said that “only black pieces remained of their bodies”.

Subsequent reports claim that the death toll is far higher than 14, with at least 100 now thought to have died.

Eighteen people were hospitalized in Myit Chay, where two reportedly died on Oct. 25. Another 40 people hospitalized in Kyun Chaung and about 30 of them were reportedly in critical condition.

The pipeline, which transports oil between Magwe division and Sagaing division to the north, erupted on Oct. 24 as locals were scavenging for oil. Eye-witnesses said the force of the heat split the pipeline in two.

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