Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan sues Enbridge Partners

CHICAGO, Ill. - An oil leak in Chicago's Southwest suburbs has prompted Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to file a lawsuit against Enbridge Energy Partners, the operator of the pipeline.
Enbridge Lakehead System Line 6A leaked in Romeoville, Ill. Madigan says the lawsuit will ensure Enbridge will follow through with its cleanup efforts.
The state's attorney general alleges Enbridge violated state environmental regulations when the pipeline leaked in Romeoville in September.

The eight-count civil suit alleges Enbridge caused danger to public health and created a public nuisance.

The state also wants Enbridge to pay response and oversight costs related to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's response to the Sept. 9 spill.

It's also asking the court to require Enbridge to survey wells within two kilometers of the spill and identify public water sources and drains that might be threatened by the leak.

Enbridge said in a statement responding to the filing: "Enbridge has worked cooperatively with all of the regulatory authorities involved in responding to the incident on our Line 6A near Romeoville, Ill., since the very beginning. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued an order with a number of items that Enbridge was required to comply with, and we have successfully completed nearly all of the items and will soon finish the remainder. By filing this action, the Illinois Attorney General's office is simply protecting the State's interests and insuring that Enbridge will follow through with addressing any concerns that the State may have arising out of the Line 6A incident, in addition to those action items being addressed under the U.S. EPA Order."

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