Monday, March 30, 2009

Fuel leak being cleaned up at New York’s JFK Airport

NEW YORK – New York state officials are trying to clean up a serious fuel leak near a runway at JFK Airport.
They discovered the leak last fall along a pipeline that supplies the airport and the rest of the region with millions of gallons of fuel a day.
Buckeye Partners L.P. supplies jet fuel to JFK through a 40-mile pipeline system running from a storage facility in Linden, N.J., via the New York boroughs of Staten Island and Queens. The pipeline consists of two parallel 12-inch pipes buried three to four feet deep. JFK has a total fuel storage capacity of 32 million gallons. It includes 62 tanks in bulk storage as well as 50 miles of underground pipe.
It has not yet been disclosed if Buckeye lines or distribution lines owned by the airport are involved. Buckeye airport lines have leaked in the past.
On March 24, crews were at work digging test holes along the pipeline and looking for more leaked fuel. So far, about 90,000 gallons have been recovered.(Source: WABC)

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