Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TransCanada awards engineering contract for Alaska gas plant

ANCHORAGE - TransCanada Corp. has awarded a contract to URS Corp. to develop a preliminary feasibility and engineering study for a multi-billion dollar gas treatment plant that would be part of an Alaska natural gas pipeline project, TransCanada vice president Tony Palmer said.
Arctic Slope Energy Services, a subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corp., will provide engineering services to URS on the contract, he said.
Palmer said the engineering and design work, as well as cost estimates for the gas plant, would be combined with other engineering and environmental work TransCanada is doing to develop overall cost estimates for its project.
Cost estimates are needed for an open season planned in 2010 in which the pipeline company will solicit customers to ship gas on its pipeline. The URS and ASRC Energy work is due to be complete in early 2010, Palmer said.

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