Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dawn Gateway Pipeline announces Open Season

DETROIT, Mich. - Dawn Gateway Pipeline is conducting a second binding open season for firm transportation service between MichCon’s Belle River facility and Union Gas’ Dawn Hub.

Utilizing a combination of new and existing pipelines, Dawn Gateway will connect Michigan storage and new supplies coming into Michigan with the Dawn Hub, and provide access to downstream markets with an initial firm transportation capacity of 360,000 Dth/d. Available capacity remaining for bid is at least 80,000 Dth/d for a minimum term of seven years starting in November 2011 or November 2012.

“Michigan has access to several new supply basins, including Barnett, Haynesville, Fayetteville, Rockies and the promising Collingwood shale in Northern Michigan,” said Pete Cianci, co-president of Dawn Gateway Pipeline. “The Dawn Gateway Pipeline will connect these new supplies as well as Michigan storage with the Dawn Hub, enhancing Dawn’s depth and liquidity. Dawn Gateway provides transportation to the premium Dawn market and we’re confident that the market will see the value of this project.”

Allen Capps, co-president of Dawn Gateway Pipeline. added: “The Dawn Hub continues to grow as a major liquid trading hub that is fully integrated into the North American supply and transportation system.”

Dawn Gateway is an international pipeline joint venture between subsidiaries of Spectra Energy Corp. and DTE Energy.

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