Thursday, November 18, 2010

Michigan utility admits homes built over natural gas transmission line

BAY COUNTY, Mich. - A retired Consumers Energy worker who says he's been trying to get the utility company to do something about a high-pressure gas pipeline running under a local home for years is finally getting answers.

Since WNEM-TV5 first aired an investigative report on Nov. 8, the station has had dozens of calls to the newsroom from people wanting to know where the pipeline s located.

The former employee spoke out because he says people need to know a high-pressure line runs under one Bay County home and very near others.

On Nov. 12, a spokesperson for Consumers Energy acknowledged that a home was built over the natural gas pipeline, but claims there is no immediate hazard or emergency.

Consumers Energy told TV5: “The location referenced during your newscast represents an unusual situation where the homeowner built a structure over our natural gas pipeline. Consumers Energy does not allow structures to be built immediately above its pipelines due to potential safety and access issues. This situation presents no immediate hazard or emergency. However, we will be examining the situation more closely in the near future to determine the appropriate remedial action. Consumers Energy places a high priority on its comprehensive, continuous pipeline inspection and remediation program.”

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