Monday, November 15, 2010

Jersey City aims to stymie proposed Spectra pipeline with ordinance

JERSEY CITY, N.J. - Jersey City's City Council is set to introduce ten ordinances amending the city code to specifically prohibit natural gas pipelines in certain redevelopment zones.
"Natural gas pipelines are an unwanted use in the area," each modification reads.
The ordinances are a response to the proposal by Houston-based Spectra Energy to expand a high-volume wholesale natural gas pipeline from Staten Island 16 miles through Bayonne and Jersey City.
The proposed pipeline would roughly follow the path of the Turnpike Extension through Jersey City before turning east near 18th Street to run under the Hudson River to a Con Edison plant on Manhattan's West Side.
The ordinances would amend current laws to prohibit natural gas pipelines in 10 redevelopment zones along the proposed route.
The ordinances also include small changes to procedures for reviewing building plans in the zones.

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